Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Unsure About Dance Styles?

Check out some videos and descriptions of each dance in our "New to Ballroom?" tab in the menu!

Unsure About Class Levels?

Introduction Classes

  • We recommend that all newcomers (and those with non-ballroom dance experience) start with our beginner classes. Here you will learn the fundamental techniques and floorcraft of ballroom and Latin dancing. It is always better to have a good foundation!

Intermediate Classes

  • Depending on the dances offered and your skill level, we recommend  that you take intermediate lessons only after you have a good mastery  of the beginner steps (at least one term) . 
  • If you have been away from co-opm we often run open practices before our classes start. You can use this time to refresh your memory and see if you're comfortable with the beginner steps,
  • We rotate dances at the intermediate level, as well as the steps we teach. You will definitely learn new things, even if you repeat at the intermediate level. 
  • Only exception is when we offer Paso Doble, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz as we will not assume prior knowledge, but expect some ballroom dance experience

Advanced Classes

  • We'd recommend you have two or more terms at an intermediate level (or equivalent) before moving to advanced
  • There is a much stronger focus on technique at the advanced level. 
  • Otherwise, you should regularly go to practices to catch up to make the most out of the class.

Other Notes

  • If you've taken ballroom lessons before and know what levels you've taken:      
    • In general, we teach beginner and pre-bronze steps in our Beginner classes; 
    • Pre-bronze and bronze in our intermediate classes, 
    • Bronze and silver step in our advance classes. Gold and open steps may be introduced depending on time and class progression
  • Talk to an exec if you're unsure!

Class Regulations

  • No shoes that have been worn outdoors may be worn in any of our dance events. This includes  classes, practice sessions, social dances, and workshops. You are welcome to dance in socks if you have no suitable shoes. Dance shoes are  not required.   
  • In all of our instructional events (classes and workshops) we request that you rotate  partners. We operate our club in a way that does not require anyone to sign up with a partner, and rotating partners is not only inclusive, but also helps the learning process.   
  • As a general rule we do not accept requests for a refund. For details please consult our refund policy.
  • Any behaviour that makes any of our other members feel uncomfortable is unacceptable. A warning will be given on first occurrence. If the behaviour is repeated, your membership will be revoked and you will be banned from all club events. No refund will be given in this case.