Club Regulations


We want all members to have a positive and respectful learning environment at our club. To ensure this, we ask that all members of the club to follow the rules outlined below. Minor infractions will result in a warning; repeated warnings or major infractions will result from expulsion from the club. Students feeling uncomfortable or unsafe should bring their concerns to a member of the club exec as soon as possible and we will aim to resolve the issue in a timely manner while maintaining your right to privacy.  If you would like to submit a question/comment/concern anonymously, please go to this form, or scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

Student Charter of Rights

  1. A student has the right to enjoy their class.
  2. A student has the right to ask questions at any time, and to receive a response in a respectful way.
  3. A student has the right to learn in a respectful manner without being harassed, belittled, intimidated, or made to feel inadequate in any way.
  4. A student has the right to choose their partner and to change partners at any time, if they are not comfortable with that person.
  5. No person has the right to touch another person in any way that is not respectful if permission is not given by way of gesture, acknowledgement, or verbally spoken.
  6. A student has the right to refrain from a technique or exercise if it is not comfortable to the student.
  7. A student has the right to learn in an ethical manner and is not required to do or say anything that contravenes their personal belief system, values, or religion.
  8. A student has the right to safe instruction and personal safety.
  9. A student has the right of privacy, and no person may talk of another person unless it is with respect.
  10. All students belong to our community where respect, safety, sharing, and fairness are values we never lose sight of.

Instructor Charter

  1. No instructor has the right to make their students feel unwelcome or unsafe.
  2. No instructor may diminish a student’s personal goals or previous training.
  3. No instructor should belittle, intimidate, or show disrespect to their students.
  4. No instructor is above question, regardless of rank, age, or position.

Club Constitution