Dance Syllabi

Our club follows the international style ballroom syllabus (not American!) which outlines all the figures of each dance. Check out the Standard and Latin syllabi!

In general, we teach beginner and pre-bronze steps in our Beginner classes; pre-bronze and bronze in our intermediate classes, and bronze and silver step in our advance classes. 

Past Class Routines

Stay tuned! We're in the process of updating the site.

Online Resources

There's many resources online but one of the best websites is They provide all the steps and also have videos for most syllabus figures. Check it out if you need to brush up on some basics. 

Dance Shoes

We never require you to have dance shoes, but we do think it's a good investment if you plan on dancing beyond the beginner level (it actually makes dancing easier, and you'll have less holes in your socks!). However, there are many types of dance shoes, which can be confusing. So talk to an exec member if you want to know more! 

Our Instructors

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Mandy Epprecht